How To Make Healthy Tasty Food Without Breaking Your Back

3 delicious whole food cooking tips.

Kaia Maeve Tingley
3 min readNov 13, 2020

…the big plops of stiff, cold, red lentil soup blooked from the rim of the big mason jar, looking all too much like the poop it would someday become.

probably tomorrow.

She grinned, feeling poetic. Writing funny words in her mind as she cooked…

She stirred the pot with a wooden spoon. She knew it was going to be delicious. Just after she worked a little mama magic.

Prepping and cooking healthy meals on a regular daily basis is a huge challenge and a lot of work. When you can, start delegating prep tasks to other family members, like your kids. It’s good training for them.

The soup that inspired me to write this piece actually turned into a huge hit. I thinned out the lentil soup with some water, threw in the leftover cauliflower bits, chopped up a fresh tomato. and served it with butter, salt, and for the grownups — jalapeño sauce.

One key to being able to cook well at home is to understand how to prepare ingredients that take time to cook and to do that ahead of time. These 3 tips will have you on your game when it comes to having food ready to cook with.

3 Real Food Cooking Tips for Busy Family Nights

1. Roast Your Vegetables, or Grill Them

Buy whole vegetables from the produce department of your store. This time of year, grab some broccoli, some cauliflower, some onions, some garlic, some greens. Get some potatoes and some sweet potatoes. Oh, and Brussels sprouts. Keep them in the bottom part of your fridge.

Chop your veggies up in different combos. Pick what you like. Or watch Salt Fat Acid Heat with Samin Nosrat, and then go cook.

Toss your veggies in a bowl with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever spices you like. Put them on a tray and roast in the oven at 400 for up to an hour or two.

Do it in the middle of the afternoon…

You can just warm them up at dinnertime. Store what you don’t eat for use in…



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