4 Alchemical Limericks for this Witches New Year

Reflections on war, peace, and personal choice

Kaia Maeve
1 min readOct 21, 2023
Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

Sent with love to every soldier, in every war, ever.

There once was a war between two sides.

Each shot with guns, missiles and dead eyes.

Mad media fear

As profiteers cheer

Because everyone knows THEY’RE the good guys.

Most victims of war? They don’t register.

It’s the P&L ledger we measure.

More coin flows upstream,

Capitalistic wet dream,

Bloody loot in the til!

Cash register!

What if we listened to the mamas?

Who cry out, “stop ALL of the drama!

There’s no justice in death,

Goddess take my last breath!

Why can’t we hold grace for all of our karma?”

Our attention is all we control.

This’s not something we’re supposed to know.

When you turn down the din?

Then tune out and drop in?

Life herself will show you just where to go!

© Kaia Tingley, October 2023



Kaia Maeve

Woman, Mother, Wife, Priestess of the Dirt, Striker of Keys & Queen Bee of the #TechHippies. I write essays & poems about coming back home to self. #onelove