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Not just because the algorithm makes it necessary.

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The words are part of the machine

The machine pulls our awareness forward through the darkness, a million little bands of light being stretched into the future. The nature of this particular machine is to light the myriad paths of possibility.

The mind pulling one way, and hopefully the heart and body following delightedly behind. Alignment is a beautiful thing.

This machine of which I speak is just one aspect of the complex process we know as human life. Words that live in your mind, words that you share with other people, words that you might choose to write down.

Words are always free. Even if people…

My back arches with pleasure as my body grows warm.

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The dark ground is moist and fragrant. The nearby fire throws sparks up against the sky. I arch my back, my eyes reaching up towards the sky to sense the incredible curve of my spine where my back turns into my wide, round, rump.

I am the most beautiful creature I can possibly imagine, I dare think to myself shyly. I feel exotic and beautiful, power emanating from the light within my core.

But now, my animal body is hidden. Concealed. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be, and I don’t yet know what I WANT to be. But…

Responsibly socially distanced, using free wi-fi, but out of my damn house for a little while at least. Sounds good. Doesn’t it.

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Fresh hot tea, full water bottle, fully charged computer and devices, headphones, and my notebook. I gather my work things together surreptitiously so my kids don’t notice I’m up to something. I’ve even worked out and showered today. It’s one of the good days.

Then it’s a quick goodbye to my kids who are finally being allowed their hour of screentime, and my bewildered husband who came home to give me a break from the kids and play some games himself.

The door opens and…

I’M FREE!!!!

For the next 2 hours, I will have sovereignty over the processes of…

And why social constraints around sexual identity exist in the first place.

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Let’s say that vanilla is opposite gender attraction and chocolate is same gender attraction. Heterosexuals love vanilla. Homosexuals love chocolate. Bisexuals love both. Pansexuals don’t just love vanilla and chocolate, they’re into all the flavors. And asexuals prefer slushies. Reddit

Why do we define sex as an identity?

And as long as we are talking about sexual relations between consenting adults, why are there limits on what kinds of sex are considered ok and what kinds aren’t?

Isn’t sex something we do throughout our lifetimes? Not an indelible identity?

This is where we could all use a lesson from the horny, drunk, and often naked Ancient Greeks. Although…


Hunkering down to marketing basics — email, website, landing pages, & great content.

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I was SO excited to talk about my big idea with this brilliant lady I had connected to via the ADJ Facebook board. But this lady knew what was coming and like a pro, she swept me and straight threw me down to the mat. On a FaceTime call. Shoot.

“I have this amazing idea! Can you just figure out how to help me monetize it?”

I bet she’s been hit on in the business world like 4000 times with this line. I smacked myself in the forehead for inadvertently dropping it on her myself. …


It’s time to get our collective priorities straight, y’all.

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A very long time ago, archaeological records show the general public seemed mostly fixated on worshiping the mysteries of life and death and how plants grew out of the earth. The value of life was derived from our experience of our relationships. We marveled at the mysteries of what we did not know. Big butts were totally in style. People built cities without walls and liked to travel. War wasn’t big yet back way back then. This was back in the days before the patriarchy. It sounds fabulous.

But then there was a large shift about 5000 years ago, from…

Refine your style to become a better human.

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He thumped one hand into the other with the striking targets. It was a wordless cue for the simple striking combo the guys were drilling.

Thump-thump. Jab-Cross. Move. Repeat.

My husband Nate teaches students that come to him the most effective ways to stand, how to move properly, how to breathe, and how to punch things. He’s a striking coach, among other things.

People come to train with Nate because they want to get in better shape and because they want a healthy outlet for their stress.

Striking class is like yoga with attitude. They are both similar unions of…

Look for workouts you will actually enjoy doing.

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It’s not like any of us are short on workout information these days.

The internet abounds, and we are all inundated. The Insta feed scrolls are endless. Your healthy body imagined and marketed back at you as the result of your valiant participation is what the best coaches and programs seem to promise.

There are many earnest, and in many cases, surprisingly well-informed workout coaches sprouting up all over the social media landscape like buff, kindly, intermural wellness coaches on a mission to gently invite us regular folks to a more physically healthy lifestyle.

Full disclosure, my husband teaches online…


Values that will help you succeed in a changing world. Don’t be sus.

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The world has indeed gone mad, but you don’t have to go mad too.

A little self-awareness, a few deep breaths, and the discipline to pursue these 8 timeless practices. That’s all you need.

Over time, with consistency, these practices can help you feel more grounded and powerful, even when the world around you is in chaos and disarray. It’s a good time for this.


There’s an optimal balance between selfishness and selflessness. Be too selfish and your partner will resent you. Act too selfless and you may find yourself resentful. It’s not about keeping score or taking turns. It’s…


Welcome to our collective rite of passage.

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Everything we do is based on agreements we have made — agreements with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life. But the most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves. — Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.

What is at the root of every single fight?

We live in a world where so many of us are sick of fighting with one another. Fighting is often not the productive and right road heroism it is portrayed to be, but rather a result of our own unhealed wounds. True warriors are strong enough to avoid fighting except when it’s absolutely necessary.

It seems to make sense that…

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