I work to craft space for inner balance, then share what I’ve learned through essays & poems. Striving to be a positive influence. Instagram @muse.of.creativity

This problem goes way below the money and into the mindset.

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Hate to break it to y’all, but those rising US jobs numbers and a booming stock market are not telling any sort of hopeful truth about the future. Not by a long shot. Just wait till the covers get ripped off the roiling mess underneath.

TLDR: Any economic system that…

Is it because they like camping? And being alone?

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Or could there be a confluence of stuff

That has made their lives unbelievably tough?

We’ll start with trauma.

Yep, we all have it.

It’s so easy to turn to addiction to manage!

If you’re hooked on drugs, or sex, or work,

You never have to face up to the damage.

It can be hard to keep a roof over your head.

When the monkey…


To redraw the circle

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This poem is dedicated to the feminine, the yin aspect in all of us.

I’m not speaking about women coming to take over. I’m speaking to the rising consciousness of the need to value caring and caregiving. I’m speaking of the celebration of diversity.

I’m speaking of the loving dismantling…


So you can save them from themselves. You big hero.

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Women who embrace feminism can be such a pain in the ass!

These girls! Always getting so spun up about the unfairness of being a woman. What are they even talking about?!?

Even when you meet a female person, and she might seem fairly normal, the moment you start explaining why feminism is so unnecessary these days and criticizing their position, they…

Kaia Maeve Tingley

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