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I help women craft a space for inner balance. Top Writer — Feminism, Climate, & Parenting. Striving to be a positive influence. Instagram @muse.of.creativity


3 delicious whole food cooking tips.

Photo by Mishaal Zahed on Unsplash

…the big plops of stiff, cold, red lentil soup blooked from the rim of the big mason jar, looking all too much like the poop it would someday become.

probably tomorrow.

She grinned, feeling poetic. Writing funny words in her mind as she cooked…

She stirred the pot with a wooden spoon. She knew it was going to be delicious. Just after she worked a little mama magic.

Prepping and cooking healthy meals on a regular daily basis is a huge challenge and a lot of work. When you can, start delegating prep tasks to other family members, like your…


Welcome to our collective rite of passage.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Everything we do is based on agreements we have made — agreements with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life. But the most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves. — Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.

What is at the root of every single fight?

We live in a world where so many of us are sick of fighting with one another. Fighting is often not the productive and right road heroism it is portrayed to be, but rather a result of our own unhealed wounds. True warriors are strong enough to avoid fighting except when it’s absolutely necessary.

It seems to make sense that…

If I’m being honest, I’m really just confused about what is happening. I want to support the great mission of equality. But I’m not sure how.

Photo by Oliver Ragfelt on Unsplash

Recently I heard through my grapevine that a family friend of ours came out as non-binary. They un-gendered their female name by using initials to make it feel more neutral.

It seemed absolutely logical from afar. This person has always had a complex relationship with themself. And conceptually, I feel like I have some understanding of the questioning of gender. But not as much of an understanding as I would like.

This is how I know.

I happened to catch a glimpse of this person at the grocery store.

I’m kind of ashamed to say that I literally turned the…

“Investors will follow where they see profit.”

Screenshot of the evidentiary video.

The deep human desire for more has been demonstrably twisted and manipulated beyond all reason. Let’s leave, for the moment, the question of exactly what has been ripped from the souls of most humans to leave behind such a bottomless pit of desire in the first place, and just take a moment to follow the money trail.

Couple this manipulation of desire with the many layers of disambiguation that now exist between people, their money, and the process by which the money is generated, and you have a recipe for disaster.

This is more than good people standing by doing…

Rebelling against the final enemy — my own narrative.

Photo by Natasha Brazil on Unsplash

My house is now much messier than it used to be.

I turned in a formal resignation to what I used to think was my personal and obligatory side-hustle.

I no longer work as the damn house elf.

It feels wonderful.

I never wanted the fucking job anyway.

My family was confused, but they’re getting the hang of it now.

There are often clothes strewn over the floor in my kid's room. There are toys and puzzles stacked in front of the books on the shelf. And there are definitely crumbs on the floor under the breakfast bar.

I may…

Hullo? It’s 2021 y’all.

Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash

My friend, if you are self-employed or have any kind of side-hustle, and you don’t have Venmo yet, could you please tell me why?

No seriously, I really want to know.

In a world full of so many things that are complicated or prone to breaking, the ease of paying your friends and contacts directly and digitally, for free just can’t be matched. It’s one of the rare things that just comes along and works. No sweat. Why would you choose to opt-out?

No, Venmo did not pay me to write this review. Though if they want to throw me…

He’s going to ask for an armrest.

Photo by Pacific Office Interiors on Unsplash

If you give your butt a chair, he’s going to ask for an armrest.

When you give him the armrest, he'll probably ask you for a lumbar cushion.

When he’s comfy, he'll ask you for a footrest too.

Then he’ll want to look in a mirror to make sure he isn’t slowly being morphed into the shape of his comfy chair.

When he looks in the mirror, he might notice he’s looking bloated and lethargic from sitting way too much.

So he’ll probably ask you for help finding the right 30 day Instagram Fitness Butt Blaster Challenge.

When he’s finished…

6 ways to love yourself better right now.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Love is… many things to many people. Love lies in the thoughts and beliefs we have. Love also lies in the actions we take. Love is something relational that we share with the world.

We also share it with ourselves. Love is recursive, ideally at least.

If upon the altar at the center of our selves, we do not find the light of the divine? We will not find it anywhere.

Love lives inside of us. It comes to us from the same place that gave us life in the first place. It is a mystery.

It wells up from…


Not just because the algorithm makes it necessary.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

The words are part of the machine

The machine pulls our awareness forward through the darkness, a million little bands of light being stretched into the future. The nature of this particular machine is to light the myriad paths of possibility.

The mind pulling one way, and hopefully the heart and body following delightedly behind. Alignment is a beautiful thing.

This machine of which I speak is just one aspect of the complex process we know as human life. Words that live in your mind, words that you share with other people, words that you might choose to write down.

Words are always free. Even if people…

Photo by Ricardo Soria on Unsplash

My back arches with pleasure as my body grows warm.

The dark ground is moist and fragrant. The nearby fire throws sparks up against the sky. I arch my back, my eyes reaching up towards the sky to sense the incredible curve of my spine where my back turns into my wide, round, rump.

I am the most beautiful creature I can possibly imagine, I dare think to myself shyly. I feel exotic and beautiful, power emanating from the light within my core.

But now, my animal body is hidden. Concealed. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be, and I don’t yet know what I WANT to be. But…

Kaia Maeve Tingley

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