Black Trauma on Loop — Even If You Are “White”

The same sad story lies behind ALL our trauma, and it’s past time to start doing something about it.

Kaia Maeve Tingley
11 min readMar 12, 2022


“BREONNA TAYLOR & GEORGE FLOYD, R.I.P.” BY SNIGGIE IS LICENSED UNDER CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 The whole image was compiled by my 9-year-old son as a school project about using art to create change.

Please note: the title to this post was inspired by Khafre Jay’s critical race hip hop song of the same name. Video here.

If you watch the video linked above, you’ll see in Khafre’s shirt the message I’d like to address in this post. It says WHITE PEOPLE DO SOMETHING! So, I’m working on it! And not just in a damn Facebook group discussion. Because this problem is NOT ONLY yours. It’s absolutely mine too. And all of ours.

Why is it so hard for white people to DO something?

So why IS it so hard to change the homicide rates for black people? The problem, and the reason why black people are getting shot on the streets 20+ years after 2Pac told us all in pretty plain language what was going down?

Cops give a damn about a negro
Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he’s a hero
Give the crack to the kids, who the hell cares?
One less hungry mouth on the welfare
First ship ’em dope and let ’em deal to brothers
Give ’em guns, step back, watch ’em kill each other
“It’s time to fight back, “ that’s what Huey said
Two shots in the dark, now Huey’s dead
I got love for my brother
But we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other
We gotta start makin’ changes
Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers

Songwriters: Shakur Tupac Amaru / Hornsby Bruce Randall / Evans Deon Changes lyrics © Universal Music — Z Songs, Universal Music Corp., Back On Point Music, Amaru Publishing, Universal Music Z Songs

I believe that the answer to this question lies in the common cause of violence, homicide, and the abuse of power intersectionally across all the silos of people, places, and things.

That’s what I’m going to attempt to unpack here in this post.

Just your average Saturday morning journaling in public, right?



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