Chaos Is the Engine That Turns the Whole Wheel

We cannot fight it. That is pointless and counterproductive. Embrace and integration are our only real options at this point.

Kaia Maeve


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We’ve ALL Been Taught to Fear Chaos

I can’t think of any modern Western tradition that has the courage to fully embrace chaos.

In fact, Abrahamic religions have for thousands of years now, fled from and abandoned chaos in pursuit of a theoretical transcendent perfection that only exists — for dead people.

The chaos of messy, bloody, dripping, manifest human reality is not seen as holy in the eyes of people who seek control and safety. But how wrongheaded this approach is proving to be.

For chaos is the very birthplace of creation.

Eastern and Asian religions of old held space for the gods and goddesses of chaos — understanding in their wiser, more connected ways — that you cannot separate the two without dire consequences.

In the face of a world that clearly operates based on principles of balance between the light and the dark — modern culture has fully demonized the dark and deified the light.

Thanks to the Western religion, we’ve inadvertently lobotomized our innate connections — to our planet, to each other, and even to our own souls.

What is being called for right now then, is a new understanding of chaos and the role it plays in our universe.

What is Chaos?

Chaos has been equated with death. Feminine. Unknowable.

Dangerous. Arbitrary. A problem to be solved.

Chaos is entropy. Change. Movement. Unpredictability.

Chaos is the great slippery mystery of being alive — to which our human minds cannot stick.

We can only know the mysterious truths of creativity and manifestation through deeper, denser parts of ourselves.

Maybe this is why we came here in the first place?

Fear of Chaos Became the Worship of Order



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