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Kaia Maeve


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“Is my calf supposed to hurt that bad?”

My client winced on the table as I squeezed his gastrocnemius and soleus muscles and calcaneal tendon in my strong hands.

They don’t call me Iron Paws for nothing!

I was trying to find the balance between the deep pressure he had requested, and the most compassionate version of massage therapy that would have a noticeable effect on this guys super sore legs.

But I could tell that it was getting too intense, so I gave up on the thought of actually addressing his sore leg, and shifted my intention to be more of a soothing experience for the poor guy.

All the tautness that had softened out of his back with the long relaxing strokes I had made that stretched the myofascial tissues of his thoracolumbar fascia was tight once again as my client opposed my efforts to release tension in his leg muscles.

He had come in that evening to the massage salon where I work, complaining of the usual culprits. Tight neck and shoulders, sore lower back, stiff knees, and general pain and discomfort nearly everywhere in his body.

These are the common ailments of most modern tech slaves. I see them nearly every day.

I sighed and answered that, no his leg shouldn’t be hurting that badly. Had he thought about maybe drinking more water on a day to day basis?

Pee clear.

Who hasn’t heard the advice to drink enough water to make your urine clear? This handy page provides a color-coded chart on how to judge exactly what your particular shade of urinary yellow means.

Paying attention to the signs the body gives us is a bit like watching and taking action when one of the warning lights on your dashboard lights up.

Ignoring dark pee or a sense of discomfort in your kidney area is akin to driving well past when the maintenance required light tells you it’s time for an oil change. It’s not good for the lifespan of either vehicle — automobile or body!

You may have been told to just drink when you feel thirsty, although thirst is actually not…



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