Did You Grow Up in a Peaceful Home?

With even-keeled parents who had balanced nervous systems, good communication, and skills in holding strong, clear, and healthy boundaries?

Kaia Maeve


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Yeah, me neither.

None of us did.

And I’m not saying this to blame prior generations. They were just doing the best they could. Even though it wasn’t always so great.

Without clinging to victimhood, knowing what’s gone wrong with the system at large is going to be necessary if we want to collectively evolve into something healthier.

Our generation today is the first to have access to the study of being that is allowing us to see what’s happening on the macro level.

Maybe knowing this is part of the puzzle?

The Human Condition Today is Directly Related to Millenia of Our Collective Disconnection from The Sacred Feminine

All this daft nonsense we see playing out on the world stage today has its roots in a long arc of human hubris. A long chapter of history married to the seductive lure of the false premise of domination.

Our forefathers thought they were here to follow their Manifest Destiny. To bring their superior knowledge to the natives with a colonizer's condescension.

Now we, their descendants, are seeking the lost sparks of ourselves in the plant ceremonies in the jungles of the indigenous Amazon Basin — which we continue to burn down.

Their old white man-god in the sky has wrought genocide on the sanctity of living systems in the name of the transcendent divine.

As always the seed of truth gives power to the lie of its expression. For the transcendent divine is indeed beautiful beyond measure. But it is the MOST beautiful when it has its partner, the material divine reality of immanence.

We humans have thought ourselves above the great mystery. Told ourselves, we’re so different! So much smarter than the animals!

But the rubberband of andocracy and domination-based patriarchal thinking has stretched to its breaking point, and…



Kaia Maeve

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