Dissecting the Domination vs Partnership Paradigm Rather Than Bashing Toxic Masculinity

Calling it the patriarchy is confusing, and only scratches the surface of what’s going on underneath.

There is clearly a problem.

It doesn’t mean we know how to have these conversations effectively. Not yet at least.

Why bashing “toxic masculinity” is a bad idea

But in the end, what kind of world do we ultimately want to create?

Switching the Paradigm to Use More Accurate Language is a Good Start

Sexy men who can grok this fabulous book are DEEPLY appreciated.
(his response when I asked permission to use the image above)

I Know Women Have Been Hurt by the Patriarchy, but…

Domination = Toxicity,

Not Masculinity or Femininity.

The concept of “smash the patriarchy!” is actually a sneaky validation of smashing as a way to gain power.



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Kaia Maeve Tingley

Woman, Mother, Wife, Priestess of the Dirt, Striker of Keys & Queen Bee of the #TechHippies. I write essays & poems about coming back home to self. #onelove