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  • Kristen H Short

    Kristen H Short

    College biology teacher, feminist, mom, challenger of the status quo. 2X top writer. I write about education, women’s issues, and parenting.

  • Tami Bulmash

    Tami Bulmash

    I write and teach about the mind-body connection and its relationship to health and well-being. More at https://www.bodyandposture.com/

  • Maj-le Bridges

    Maj-le Bridges

    Gen X-er, recovering lawyer, frustrated writer, Lego enthusiast and serial creative. Medium Top Writer | Published in Start It Up & Age of Awareness.

  • Maria Rattray

    Maria Rattray

    Striving to make the world a better place, especially for our children. My extensive teaching background can help. Just ask at https://ponmyword.com/askmaria/

  • Bill Arnold

    Bill Arnold

    Bill writes. Bill sings. Bill writes the things he sings.

  • Kelly Eden

    Kelly Eden

    Award-winning essayist, New Zealand rainforest dweller, owner of too many writing craft books. Become a word nerd too https://kellyeden.medium.com/membership

  • Jacob Devaney

    Jacob Devaney

    Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Blogger, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment

  • Patrice M Simon

    Patrice M Simon

    Yoga professional and published author of an auto biographical content book sharing a Calling based life. Online contributor of Liberal Christian views.

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