Forget About Her Being Biden’s VP

Why don’t we just elect Taylor for President?

Kaia Maeve
3 min readMar 31, 2024
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If Trump could managed to do it, she certainly could. Caring leadership and the ability to organize and delegate to the skills of others are what we need in politics today.

What Does a Leader Really Need to Excel?

This piece is less about Taylor Swift herself, though I have a great deal of admiration for what she’s been able to accomplish. And more about the need for a new story in leadership all together.

Here’s why flippant comments about Swift being chosen as Biden’s veep as opposed to being cast in the main role are imho missing the point.


Celebrities are storytellers at the highest level. If you’re paying attention at all to what’s going on in the world, we kinda need a new story. Badly. And soon.

Biden’s not a bad dude. But he’s still working from the old story. Privileged old white man in charge. He did keep his promise to bring a woman of color to the White House, but honestly I don’t think he knew much about how to empower her to create real change. I mean, baby steps are good. But we need to keep growing.

Creativity + the Ability to Collaborate & Delegate

The leader of the USA has a whole nation of career politicians to choose from as their support team. Kind of like in iron chef where they all rush into the gourmet grocery after learning the featured ingredient. The chef is not responsible for growing, cultivating, or preparing the ingredients, they’re just responsible for combining them with skill and technique into something unique and delicious.

So it is with political leaders. And Swift has shown throughout her career she has this skill set in abundance. She has a loyal and growing fan base, she gives back, and she embraces happiness in diverse flavors for everyone.

I’m politically rather centrist myself. I care about fairness, economic support for caring and caregivers, a sane relationship of respect towards the environment, and a more equitable distribution of earth based wealth across the global population. I’m pretty sure if a narcissistic old man with a history of reality television and businesses built on money from his Dad could manage to keep the chair in the Oval Office warm for 4 years, that someone of Swift’s capabilities could do it, and do it way better.

Media Savvy

Few people can argue that Swift has owned the media for the last few years. And she does it without having to create gnarly temper tantrums to do it.

just wrote a great piece on the difference between how Swift has done this so well, especially compared to someone like Kanye West who has struggled for many reasons to stay relevant and liked.

The Ascent of Innana & the Return of Feminine Ways of Power

Finally, on this day that most of us know as Easter — a holiday designed by Christianity to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus — and stolen from the earlier stories of the goddess cultures as the return of Persephone, and before that the ascent of Innana after 3 days at the bottom of the 7 layers of the underworld — I would just like to put out a request to the universe that we can finally elect a creative woman to office.

Can you imagine the collaborative power of a cabinet of ministers that included the likes of Marianne Williamson, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and all the other unnamed powerhouse women that exist in the political sphere. Bernie could come too — he’s got the right mind I think…

The meetings would take a long time, but they’d get some shit done for sure!!!

Can’t wait to hear the comments on these ideas! Bring it on.

Let’s Put a Woman in Charge!

So let’s stop assuming that Swift should join forces with the Dems in a subordinate role. Let’s just recruit all the Swifties and all the folks who want a different option than the two old dudes.

Can you just imagine the world that would come after that?!?

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