I Work In My Truck Outside Of Whole Foods

Responsibly socially distanced, using free wi-fi, but out of my damn house for a little while at least. Sounds good. Doesn’t it.

Fresh hot tea, full water bottle, fully charged computer and devices, headphones, and my notebook. I gather my work things together surreptitiously so my kids don’t notice I’m up to something. I’ve even worked out and showered today. It’s one of the good days.

Then it’s a quick goodbye to my kids who are finally being allowed their hour of screentime, and my bewildered husband who came home to give me a break from the kids and play some games himself.

The door opens and…

I’M FREE!!!!

For the next 2 hours, I will have sovereignty over the processes of my brain! The wiring of biological imperative that every mother incurs will no longer intrude upon every single solitary attempt at focusing on something with my brain longer than 30 seconds at a time.

Mom. Mom. Mom. Hey Mom! All-day. Every day. No problem.

Wait, actually this is a fucking problem. I’m extremely frustrated with not being able to focus my brain. It’s incredibly debilitating to a professional creative to be denied the space in which to create. It’s been 8 years and counting. All you single folk and families with no kids yet — pay heed.

Enjoy all the space and time you have to sit. And think. Without interruption. Especially if you are female, this space will likely leave you for a good long while should you decide to procreate.

There has never, ever been a point in my professional career where I’ve been so excited to go and put in my study time for a technical certification. But this time it’s different. I’m ready!

Today I’m reclaiming my brain cells to be used for purposes other than cleaning, cooking, shopping, stopping ticky-tack arguments between my cabin-fever-addled youngsters, and all other domestic minutiae.

Today I will take steady steps towards getting that remote tech-writing job I’ve applied for. Interview preparation can actually be kind of fun, right?

Today, I might even take the time to drive by the shed-store over on 290W, thinking about exactly which one of these babies is going to get delivered and transformed with some magick into my home office. Trust you me that door is going to have a fucking lock on it.

I know I should be grateful for all I have. And I am. But I’m still ready to have some alone time. Seriously ready.

The Great Pause of 2020 has put certain things into a new perspective. Like how well a sonic-style-wifi drive-in operation could be for home-bound workers trying not to share germs with the world. I see the newest evolution of Starbucks. Shaded carports, secure wifi, maybe even some industrial fans blowing across the car-park for extra measure.

For now, I will work with an office in the backseat of the car, which truth be told, is pretty comfy.

May you all find a place to work that works for you. And may our work turn the world into a better place for us all in the future.

Now, where’d I put my tea? It’s time to actually do the work I came here to do.

Kaia Tingley is a writer, artist, podcaster, digital strategy nerd, and sometimes hot-tempered supernova with a wild, free soul. You can find her on Instagram here or on LinkedIn here.

I help women craft a space for inner balance. Top Writer — Feminism, Climate, & Parenting. Striving to be a positive influence. Instagram @muse.of.creativity

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