Peace is a Feeling in the Body

Not just an idea in the head.

Kaia Maeve
3 min readFeb 7, 2024
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What is the FEELING of peace?

It is surrender.

It is a deep bow to the fullness of what is.

It is the relinquishing of the attempt to control the other.

It is the death of the ego.

It is the purity of death.

It is at the heart of the feminine principle within us all.

Why do I Post Stuff Like This on Medium?

Isn’t it a bit too esoteric or personal?

A bit too scandalous and deep to put out in public as a blog?

Well, I feel like we are entering a new age.

An age where #mentalhealth #socialjustice & #environmentalresponsibility step onto the same page as #life #love & #happiness

Where to succeed at one side of the equation, we must finally address and deal with the other.

All of our relationships rely on #peace you see?

Especially the one we have with our self!!

Peace is not something we can force on anyone else.

It is something we must ALLOW to arise within ourselves.

And allowing inner peace is a lifetime project.

It’s a practice of #embodiment + #consciousrelationships + #communicationstrategy

Peace Doesn’t Start in Our Head, or Even in Our Heart.

It Starts In Our Belly & Our Womb

Regardless of gender, we ALL have a creation space within our lower cauldron. #MenToo

So many of have fallen prey to the idea that we much chase the IDEA of peace.

That peace is something to be ACHIEVED.

That peace is something we can demand, march for, or enforce.

But it is only when we fully recognize the complete futility of trying to force our willpower onto a situation, or another person, or another country…

That we can FEEL true peace inside ourselves.

The Feminine principle allows us to begin to FEEL into the surrender to the inevitability of. the great precious spiral of BEING alive.

Feeling into a More Peaceful World

Does this mean we should not ACT for peace?


But the action MUST follow the feeling.

This constant churn of trying to create peace from a place of power is just a trick of the ego.

The person who knows the FEELING of peace knows that peacefulness requires us to embrace our acceptance and appreciation for the beauty of life even in the face of death and destruction.

And when we can act from this place of acceptance, we will have passed the crossroads of domination and entered into the realms of #partnership.

Modern Feminine Alchemy

I’m teaching an on-demand class in the form of 30-day challenge that opens a doorway to a new personal practice of embodied #surrender & #receiving

Where experiencing subtle softness is the pathway to developing the #strength we all need to cultivate inner balance & personal coherence.

And it only takes 5 minutes a day, for 30 days to get started?

Want peace?

Find your desire to surrender.

New Course Launching Soon

#MFA is launching on 2/14/24 and if any of this resonates with you, follow me to stay tuned.

Esoteric as this is, it’s also VERY #simple. Anyone who feels the pull towards this is so very welcome — regardless of your physical gender.

Follow me to keep learning more.

I’ll be posting!

(C) Kaia Tingley, February 2024



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