Hi Ren & the Astonishing Virility of Masculine Vulnerability

Kaia Maeve
12 min readJun 24, 2023

Millions of people are resonating with Ren’s music worldwide. This is why.

Image from Instagram Ren Gill

The old-school rules of #manbox culture tell men that showing emotions is dangerous.

Expressing vulnerability or seeking emotional support may be perceived by others as a sign of weakness, causing many men to suffer silently.

Sadly, this is the collective socialization of men.

Trending globally in 2023, Ren is breaking the mold

He is IGNORING this ubiquitous & toxic man mandate, and showing his emotions for all the world to see.

And his star is rising like a rocket!

By ignoring social conditioning to not show vulnerability as a man, he is defusing the power of his pain.

And by expressing his natural and normal reactions to the trauma of modern human existence in the public sphere, he is inspiring thousands of others to begin to do the same.

He’s simply not afraid to share his vulnerability

Ren has had plenty of pain in his life and is not afraid to share it publically.




In 2022, Ren released “Hi Ren”. The video went viral and appeared in both the United Kingdom and Worldwide Trending Music Video Charts on YouTube, and had 6.8 million views in two months. — Lowri Llywelyn

Hi Ren begins with an inner dialogue between hope and psychotic despair. It’s a mind blowing piece.

But the ending of the performance transcends music.

It’s HIGH quality writing and philosophical truth, compactly delivered in a decidedly sexy British accent.

Current stats as of publication date show his channel has just crossed over 1 MILLION subscribers on the platform.

With zero ad spend or external funding.

The Alchemy of Acceptance



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