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Is this metaverse thing simply meant to be a fully controllable, synthetic, profane inversion of the sacred, integrated being that I understand the living universe to be? And is entertainment a good enough reason to invest millions of dollars in creating a game made expressly for the purpose of inverting space-time reality? Didn’t Ernest Cline call this the Oasis?

I heard a description the other day that the metaverse would become, “like a Facebook you can crawl into.” And now I can’t forget the words.

Maybe the metaverse could just be considered a kind of immersive dream state — intended eventually to replace waking life altogether?

As the biosphere collapses and the mass extinction continues apace. Like, I dunno, it kind of feels like we’re walking forward into the goddess forsaken Matrix for crying out loud!


No no no no no no…


Stop for a moment people, and take a deep breath.

Where are we going here? Really? And is that where we want to head?

Consider the Humble Fractal

Fractals are self-similar patterns repeated at different scales, micro to macroscopic. It’s why a picture of a healthy river delta looks just like healthy blood vessels, or the inside of a healthy lung is the same shape as a healthy tree.

The fractal patterns within healthy & successful living systems teach us that in order to thrive, we must learn to cooperate efficiently. We must study and align with the patterns of health in our environment. We must reciprocate care with each other and with the earth. We must relearn how to relate symbiotically once again.

Polarized violence, hatred towards out-of-group others, fearfully inspired acts of violence, and might I mention, the far too many victims of gun violence — are all signs and symptoms of the greater problem underneath, which is

Most people today are profoundly disconnected from self, others, nature, and place.

But now they are becoming less and less content remaining cogs in a consumerist hamster wheel.

People no longer have to have a purpose to work — other than to earn money.

They have no real community bond or bond to the soil of a place. They have ignorantly and unknowingly sold their souls to the devil for tokens to play the game of money, debt, and economic activity. They can mainline into their enhanced addictions to television, gaming, and social media via a phone screen for 11–12 hours a day. And this system is encouraged and promoted!

Is it any wonder people have had enough?

There can be no more selling souls to the devil if we want to reconnect to our communities, our natural environment, and our own wounded souls — all of which will be required to make it to an extension of the human culture on earth. If we still can.

Speaking of the Devil

I recently stopped to ponder Trump and the soul contract he participated in creating before he was born.

What crazy-ass spirit wanted to come down to earth saying, I want to be THAT guy! Then he popped his forgetitol pill and became a new soul on its way to being the next baby Trump. Little Donald.

What a life!

I can’t say I like the guy much at all. But I do appreciate the fact that he helped to strip many illusions from the public-facing side of government and business.

Things are getting real with the climate these days. We need a little veritas right now. With the climate sitting on both shoulders, an American populace whose overall life expectancy continues to decline in front of him, and no roots to the earth to really support him; I’m surprised Pres. Biden is still standing!

Buckle up, my friends. I don’t think this is all going to get a lot better before it gets worse. I plan on going thru some interesting twists and turns! Hope we make it!

Stay love, y’all.

© Kaia Tingley November 2021





Massage Therapist since 2002, Martial Arts Student since 1986. Ravenous reader of books, Avid amateur woodworker, and social media professional. With tattoos.

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Kaia Maeve Tingley

Kaia Maeve Tingley

Massage Therapist since 2002, Martial Arts Student since 1986. Ravenous reader of books, Avid amateur woodworker, and social media professional. With tattoos.