She Has Come

To redraw the circle

Kaia Maeve
3 min readOct 11, 2021


Photo by Micah Hill on Unsplash

This poem is dedicated to the feminine, the yin aspect in all of us.

I’m not speaking about women coming to take over. I’m speaking to the rising consciousness of the need to value caring and caregiving. I’m speaking of the celebration of diversity.

I’m speaking of the loving dismantling of the domination hierarchical default system, usually known as the patriarchy, and the rebuilding of something that works better and more holistically.

This poem celebrates the spirit of reconnecting with self, with others, and with the soil.

I call this the goddess.

You could just call it the life force, moving in feminine swerves. 😎

She has come to redraw the circle.
She has come in our time of need.
She has come renewing connections.
She has come to plant the seeds.
She has come to bathe us in rhythm.
She has come, depraved and divine.
She has come to heal the schism.
She has come to change our minds.

Death is a lady we could learn to revere.
She might seem far off until she comes near.
One day she will find you, whisper in your ear.
Her lesson for you? Don’t waste your time here.
There is no such thing as an enemy or friend.
There is no such thing as a beginning or end.
There is no such thing as being alone,
we all come from Mama Earth, and to her, we’ll go home.

She did not come to serve your purpose.
She did not come to fill your gaze.
She did not come to make you happy.
And she’s not going to listen when you say, behave!
Give thanks for the days you get to exist.
Be love. Be passion. Be sacred bliss.
Plug-in let your roots go down deep to below
Surrender, allow, become part of the flow.



Kaia Maeve

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