So Yep. The Love of Money IS at the Root of All Evil

“Investors will follow where they see profit.”

Screenshot of the evidentiary video.

The deep human desire for more has been demonstrably twisted and manipulated beyond all reason. Let’s leave, for the moment, the question of exactly what has been ripped from the souls of most humans to leave behind such a bottomless pit of desire in the first place, and just take a moment to follow the money trail.

Couple this manipulation of desire with the many layers of disambiguation that now exist between people, their money, and the process by which the money is generated, and you have a recipe for disaster.

This is more than good people standing by doing nothing. This is a glaring example of the masses being led like sheep to the tree in the forest where they are then told to cut down the largest tree in the forest. With a herring.

And they proceed with their sheep-like feet to try.

In fact, I just heard on the radio that AISD is hosting 3 popup clinics to get your vaccine over the weekend. One of them is specially equipped to deal with special needs patients. Everyone 12 and up, including anyone in their families, are welcome to come in and get their shot.

Hey hey!

I am not a conspiracy theorist

Nor am I a conspirituality groupie.

I’m not even a cat lady! Though I do love cats and could grow into this proclivity eventually. If the environment stays habitable long enough!

But if you read my work, you will know I’m not randomly alarmist or prone to complain. In fact, I’m pretty damn evidence-based. Though I will admit to being prone to some anger-fueled feminist rants, kind of like this one.

But I do understand the concept of Occam’s Razor. And now I kind of also understand why Trump now got to be the president from 2016 to 2020.

How else can you explain the amping up of the media to fuel the frenzy?

Anyway. Now there are 73 patents to date giving damning evidence that SHOULD produce an Al Capone style, patent takedown of the very corrupt enterprises running this media circus.

But it probably won’t. Because that’s not the way things have worked to date.

First, I read Nicholas Wade’s incredible Following the Clues piece in mid-May.

Today I watched Dr. David Martin’s damning video expose of the extensive paper trail behind the “novel” coronavirus pandemic that has been taking place globally over the past crazy era. The money trail is incredible.

You owe it to yourself to watch this thing. It’s very digestible, and the evidence is all right there in your face. Now I’ll just wait to see if this piece ever sees the light of day!

Peace out, y’all. Hope we make it to the other side.

© Kaia Tingley July 2021

Massage Therapist since 2002, Martial Arts Student since 1986. Ravenous reader of books, Avid amateur woodworker, and social media professional. With tattoos.