The 8 Biggest Differences Between Witches & Strippers

#4 Strippers work hard to look sexy. Witches don’t really have to try.

Kaia Maeve
8 min readOct 10, 2023


We women are magnificent creatures.

In a system that has some very definitive ideas about how women are supposed to behave, there is often a lot of suspicion, fear, and judgment made about those of us who refuse to behave as we are expected to.

I believe understanding different facets of people who play some of the most colorful roles in our world can deepen our collective understanding via storytelling and the humanization of people we may never actually speak with.

In a culture where dominant mainstream conditioning teaches women to submit their own will to the will of others, both witches and strippers are countercultural threats to the current establishment.

Figures of mysterious rebellion.

Outlaws and adventurers.

We are women who dare to claim our shadows and refuse to be shamed into personal disconnection from our own intrinsic power.

Besides, who doesn’t want to scroll through a photo essay chock full of women who are not only beautiful to look at, but also powerful to behold?

Women, Sex, & Power.

On a journey through my own (very) colorful life, so far I have found the biggest difference between working as a stripper, and living as a witch, lies mainly in the rules that determine how we play with our own sexuality.

The role of “stripper” hinges on the illusion of objectification.

Life as a witch teaches you both to spin and pierce the illusion of day-to-day life in a way that lets you begin to create the very universe itself.

When you dance as a stripper, you play the role of sex object for others to see and admire.

But when you tap into your inner witch, you actually gain the wherewithal that allows you to tap into the magnificent creative power of Eros for your own subjective purposes.

Yes, I used the word wherewithal. You’re welcome.

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