The Sacred Gift

Honoring the seed and all the work it takes to cultivate.

Kaia Maeve Tingley
2 min readAug 1, 2022
Photo by おにぎり on Unsplash

A vase of cut flowers
Stripped of their roots
Grown for their beauty
and not for their fruits

Wrapped up in plastic
and zapped with some lights
to make sure they look pretty
fresh colorful and bright

This is what our culture
has done to the mystery
Made us decorative baubles
& erased us from history

The short sighted vision
of humans malaised by fear
Just point them towards the scapegoat
anyone will serve here

But the mother holds a seed
A little plain speck
Planted, it will feed us
An alive kind of tech

It works with the soil
with the bugs in the dirt
with the water and sunlight
in a mystery called birth

This is what humans
stand to reclaim
Their rightful position
in the great living game

This is what the women
are bringing back to life
This is what the children
know as true and as right

This is what brave men
can learn to uncover
to surrender their pain
to an all loving lover

This is the challenge
The shape of this game
To heal our old wounds
and to not stay the same

To learn and to grow
into truth that we know
That this cycle of living
& dying must flow

To surrender our egos
To bow to great grace
To change how we live
To take our proper place

To remember our gratitude
To contribute our worth
and to honor this sacred gift
of having life here on earth



Kaia Maeve Tingley

Woman, Mother, Wife, Priestess of the Dirt, Striker of Keys & Queen Bee of the #TechHippies. I write essays & poems about coming back home to self. #onelove