The Trap of Spiritual Bypassing and the False Belief that Hope is Evil

How great truths can be twisted into falsehoods by fear.

Kaia Maeve


There is a concept that only NOW exists, and the idea that TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER is a trap for the unenlightened.

This is both true and also complete and utter bullshit.

It all depends on how you look at it.

What is a Spiritual Bypass?

Spiritual bypassing describes a tendency to use spiritual explanations to avoid complex psychological issues. Gabriela Picciotto

We are all both spiritual beings and also beings made of matter that operate on a human timeline.

It is the paradox of being human that we can choose to relate to both sides of ourselves. However, the tendency to relate ONLY to one side of ourselves leads to the phenomenon of spiritual bypassing.

This is where the idea that hope for a better future is a great evil is put in service to a self-defense mechanism used to avoid personal or relational growth.

Spiritual bypassing is also often used as a tool by people in power to ignore the struggles of people who have traditionally been marginalized by the power structures of society and who are suffering from stubbornness and systemic resistance to positive change.

This dismissal and denial of real problems is a way of skirting around the pain caused to others in a way that might make the person doing the bypassing feel better in the short term. But ultimately, it solves nothing in the long term because the root cause of the problem keeps developing.

Similarly to taking medicine to deal with symptoms, while ignoring the root cause of illness, the person who engages in spiritual bypass will eventually get more and more ill until they either change what they are doing or die from their refusal to deal with what is happening to them.

Avoidance is one cause of resorting to spiritual bypass

By refusing to see or honor the perspectives of others, spiritual bypassing can be…



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