This is such a masculine approach to warfare. Bigger, better, meaner. Take the high ground. The arms race is inevitable.


You know there is another way out of this mess, right? To wake the fuck up and stop fighting one another. Maybe we could get our collective heads out of our butts and realize that the more dangerous we make our tech, the more dangerous the whole world gets.

A REAL transformational shift in warfare would be to stop making war. Unrealistic, I know. Unfortunately.

My Mom self just wants to take all these scientists and their tech and their big budget and their love of explosions and the power of death, and put ALL of them into time out.

Mother Earth needs us right now. And we're in a giant civil war with ourselves. When, if ever, are we going to grow up and take the small, modest door out of this madness? It's sitting right there. Always has been.

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