To Find Love

Look at the shadow

Kaia Maeve
1 min readFeb 8, 2024
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Let’s be brave and learn what it is that we do not know

Seek for what came in and broke our own flow

When we find out what hurt us we can begin to grow

Or else I love myself enough now that I’ll have to go

This isn’t a matter of who’s wrong or who’s right

It’s a PROCESS OF LEARNING how to stop the fight

It’s a shining of light into the dark night

And if we will both do this, it will be alright

An outside reflection on our deepest hurts

The ability to see what our culture perverts

To upskill ourselves so we can convert

The pain that this endless fighting tries to insert

The time is here for us to address

This hierarchical thing that says, “I know best!”

Let’s surrender domination, and lay it to rest

Let’s listen to the heartbeats inside of our chest

Let us seek for compassion, peace and love

Let us heal our triggers, and call in the dove

Do you know what this is? What I speak of?

‘Cause we can do it all if we will trust in love

(C) Kaia Maeve, February 2024



Kaia Maeve

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