Write When You Are Written

Not just because the algorithm makes it necessary.

The words are part of the machine

The machine pulls our awareness forward through the darkness, a million little bands of light being stretched into the future. The nature of this particular machine is to light the myriad paths of possibility.

The mind pulling one way, and hopefully the heart and body following delightedly behind. Alignment is a beautiful thing.

This machine of which I speak is just one aspect of the complex process we know as human life. Words that live in your mind, words that you share with other people, words that you might choose to write down.

Words are always free. Even if people aren’t always free to use them the way they may wish.

Medium is a hub for this machine. It’s a modern coffee shop, appropriately distanced for modern times, a whirring hubbub of thoughtful exchange among people from all over the world. The price we pay for our cupfuls of words is our $5 monthly membership. The potential profit we gather comes from the Medium Partner Program and beyond. Say what you will about the outrage of the writers on the platform about the changes that happen all the time, this place is pretty freaking awesome.

Aspiring to be a paid writer is pretty cool. Banging your head against the wall when you aren’t making a living at it within the first 6 months from your posts on Medium is not. Just chill. Enjoy this place for what it is. Don’t try to make it what it isn’t. IMHO.

Success seems to happen when you aren’t trying.

Write when you are written

There are many reasons to write. And some reasons not to.

You can write because you feel like it. Write because you love to cultivate the habit of discipline towards forward progress. Write because you just thought of something that made you belly laugh. Write because the kinds of words that guide humanity forward through the darkness are pouring into your mind in the dark of the night.

Don’t write just because you have to.

Not the real stuff I mean. The stuff that comes tumbling from formless knowing through your heart and out your fingers onto the screen.

The reality of writing for money is a bargain we choose to make. But there’s a difference between writing for a contract you’ve made with a client, and baring your soul to the world, daring them to come and SEE you through the magic of words. That special stuff should be written when it comes, when it happens, and when it asks to be written down. You can’t make it come.

NOTE: This is clearly not an article about how to make $ on Medium. Nope. It’s a vignette about how to regain the beauty of the artistry of words, regardless of the profit to be made therein.

Success seems to happen when you aren’t trying

There’s a difference between cultivating the practice of writing daily so that you get better at your art, and writing daily whilst neurotically checking your stats and earnings.

When you try to force success, your readers can feel it.

If you can turn your attention to feeling the flow of the words, then honing the message you are passing on through them, this gives the reader an entirely different experience. It’s the difference between fake and real.

So stay real my friends. The world is what it is. If you don’t believe in yourself and your journey, then who the hell else will?

Good luck.

Kaia Tingley is a writer, artist, podcaster, digital strategy nerd, and sometimes hot-tempered supernova with a wild, free soul. You can find her on Instagram here or on LinkedIn here.

I help women craft a space for inner balance. Top Writer — Feminism, Climate, & Parenting. Striving to be a positive influence. Instagram @muse.of.creativity

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